Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why yes, I have been writing ...

I have been wittering about a bunch of stuff recently - defending picture books, writing on didacticism, trying to be a wee bit poetic. It is probably the result of breathing in the Dunedin air, which is a blend of poetry, academia and culture. The city, the University and the College of Education where I am based have been very welcoming. I have already been invited to and attended a range of cultural and academic activities and it's all been fascinating. A performance by a concert cellist, an academic lecture on Social Construction and Frame Theory, and the opening of a very cool exhibition of pre-1960 NZ Children's Literature The weather has mostly been settled although a little bit chillier than I am used to for this time of year. Being away from the family has its challenges but I know it's for a finite period and its flying by. Despite my fears before I left home that I would go blank when I got here and not write a thing, I have been zipping along with one project and making some progress on another, as well as finishing one small one in entirety. I wasn't sure how I would go in an 'office' but so far it is a productive environment. It is a unique gift.  Writing is the whole point. If you have ever considered applying to be the Children's Writer in Residence I encourage you to do so.

It would seem I am the token hobbit in the world of men - these are the 2014 University of Otago Fellows 

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