Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sending our babies out in to the world...

How do you know you're a writer? In my previous life in the normal/real world I had a regular paying job in an office, working (mostly) on the business management side of Hospitals and (more briefly) Universities. My eldest recently started a new job and I was telling her this morning that it can take a while to settle in and feel comfortable in the role. It takes a while for the newness and shyness to rub off and the tasks required to feel second nature. I believe this to be true. In fact I know this to be true. Because although in my previous life I never ever felt completely comfortable in my work life, I did stop feeling new and shy and all at sea. But I am now completely comfortable in my current a writer...for the rest of my life. I have settled in. The newness and shyness have rubbed off and the tasks required feel more natural.

The day before yesterday I remembered an old manuscript I had shelved a while back (in 2009); a manuscript that almost made it but of whom several folk had said it needs fixing without being able to put their finger on exactly what the problem was. Yesterday I brought it out and I looked at it and saw straight away where it didn't seem to work and straight away I twiddled and tweaked and rearranged and dusted and polished. I don't know if it will cross the finish line but it's a better story now. How did that happen? I'm not exactly sure but I rather like it. And I have re-submitted the story to a publisher.

Oh, and I can now confirm my picture book The House That Went to Sea will be sailing off to China to be published there in English and Chinese versions. Bon voyage little book, fare you well!

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