Friday, April 17, 2009

Writing the book is hard enough...

The gorgeous uber-talented Fifi Colston, who has a regular craft gig on TV1's Good Morning programme will be basing her creations on my book The Were-Nana next tuesday April 21st at 9.15ish. Yay!- I am excited and will be craft glued to our tv screen on the dot of.

I has come across some very interesting posts at some of my fav haunts over the last day or two. This one Here at editorial anonymous is about the impact of reviews on book sales and you may be pleasantly surprised and relieved to see what EA has to say - I know I was. To not be reviewed is crushing. After all the struggles authors go through, the hoop jumping and the hurdling, to be ignored by the book community can seem like the straw that broke the camels hump. But a bad review? - you finally get noticed and they tear you to shreds - I don't know that I could dig a hole deep enough to hide in. I have been fortunate so far and have had mostly positive feedback on my books but even the thought of a bad one makes me shudder. So check out what EA has to say and fear not!

Over at editorial ass, she wrote a post here on book marketing and what can be done to push your book. Its good basic advice. You don't have to become part of the solution to promoting your book but it makes a lot of sense to. I know I want my books to succeed. If I can help them sell and be discovered by more people then I will do it. Why wouldn't you?

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