Wednesday, April 22, 2009

good times...

To my delight, in addition to its small screen appearance last tuesday, The Were-Nana is turning up on a couple of 'recommended' lists. This freight train just keeps getting faster and adding carriages. But mixed in with my happy feelings is the realisation that the only thing I had any control over was the writing of the story and the action of submitting the manuscript. At that point I had to let my story go and accept whatever fate befell it. I have done nothing different with my other books and they have lived a different life. I can get out there and promote them all but their fortunes are out of my hands. And of course this doesn't include the manuscripts that came back to me. The unpublished stories I loved just as much and spent just as much if not more time nurturing and polishing and refining. I still hope their time will come and I will never give up believing in my paper babies but their futures are out of my control. All I can do is write the best stories I can and keep sending them out. And of course celebrate like there is no tomorrow when things go well.
Hey thats me in my pre-schooling days in the photo. I was at my sister's first holy communion. Yes my dresses were a bit short even in those days but at least I wore my hat at a very cool jaunty angle.

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Fifi Colston said...

Showing your knickers at Holy Communion...Melinda! Shows a certain renagade spirt necessary in a writer.