Monday, April 20, 2009

How crafty...

We don't know how lucky we are to have Fifi Colston in our midst. She is incredibly multi-talented and an all round fabulous person. Today she made clever crafts based around The Were-Nana on the Good Morning show on TV1. You can go check out her work here. Thank you Fifi. Me and Stella Rosa love you oodles.

I had a text from my eldest today, currently in Tampa, Florida. Both girls competed on the weekend in their respective teams in a warm up competition for the Cheerleading Worlds next weekend. Both teams scored extremely well and consequently did well and both were recognized with additional awards, the senior team got the Spirit Award and the junior team got Most Entertaining. Its moments like this that I curse not getting on that plane with them. What was I thinking! They sound like they are having a wonderful time and looking forward to their week ahead. And I bet they are wearing t-shirts and shorts. Okay, okay, my son, still here with us in Auckland, is wearing t-shirts and shorts too but his thermostat is hinky and I am getting round in long trousers, sweatjackets and shoes and socks (and still feeling a little cold).

In writing news I am making slow but very useful progress on the WIP. I've had a few good minor plot ideas that are adding tension and driving everything along in the right direction. Just when I think I have it sussed, my brain shows me something I didn't expect. Go brain. I love how creativity works, except I am at a loss as to how to explain it to anyone else. I still grab at the word magic when I try. Maybe its best unexplained. If we understood it, it wouldn't be magic anymore.

I also checked out a lovely post yesterday by Toni McGee Causey here about when to quit (this insane business) and loved her conclusion which was:-

You quit when you want something else, more. You quit when you have another dream that means more to you.

I think about quitting regularly but haven't managed to follow through yet and now thanks to Ms McGee Causey I know why. I have never read it summed up better and I will be pinning this up somewhere I can see it everyday. Maybe you should too...

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