Friday, April 3, 2009

In local news...

I love the internet. The other day I discovered via google that an Australian Library in Victoria had my book Jack the Viking. Jack the Viking is not currently available in Australia. It seems that librarians hunt out the books they've read about (perhaps in reviews?) that they like the sound of. Probably via the internet. Did I tell you I love the internet? I love librarians too.

In local sports news my husband ( a soccer veteran of many years standing) is coaching our son's soccer team for the first time. They were both experiencing nerves before the first official game of the season this morning. They needn't have worried. The sun shone. The air was cool but still. The soccer gods smiled and the 11th Grade Division One Team Norman won 8-1. Go lads! And there is now just over a week to go before our daughters fly out to the US without us, for two weeks in Florida. We all went in 2007 and after a week in Orlando for the World competition at Disneyworld had a wonderful time checking out Miami, the Bahamas and New York. Exploring new places as a family is fantastic and now the girls have a fair idea of what to expect and how the whole travelling thing works. But its a mother's job to worry and I take my job seriously. I'll miss them terribly too. I hope our son is up to three times as many hugs as usual. I've been working through a mental list of things to be bought before they go (toiletries bag, socks, hair ties, spare cheer gear, strapping tape etc, etc, etc,...).

And in publishing news - blah - I had some short stories rejected by Learning Media. One editor was kind enough to give me feedback on two of the stories and not one to waste time, I have already sent these off in other directions. Call me impulsive but I just can't help myself. One story is unchanged but I decided to tweak the second story into something different. I will keep you posted on whether the new incarnation bears fruit. And I'll tell you more about the transformation too.

I unfortunately had to miss Michele Powele's book launch for her novel Weathered Bones last thursday night, but I hope to get myself a copy soon. Instead I got to bake biscuits for the son's shared lunch at school the following day and make homemade Chicken Fried rice for the hungry cheerleading daughters. You can read about the launch at Bookman Beatties Blog. There are no more launches in the immediate future but I have a few authors talks coming up instead.

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