Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pressure makes diamonds...

The daughters have flown and now the house is quiet - a little too quiet. The dynamic is easy but flat. Having worked so hard toward their departure, I now await their return. Do we spend too much of our lives waiting? Of course, and much more so as writers.

So with only one child in the house I now have more free time. And uninterrupted opportunity is the worst time to be creative and move forward on the old WIP. Pressure makes diamonds out of coal. Maybe its time to take a little mental holiday. And I want to be ready when the registrations open for the Spinning Gold Conference, my fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to press enter. Here is the latest on the programme. I like what's on offer but I also relish the opportunity to hang out with other children's writers from around NZ. Socialising with people who know the highs and lows of this business is a major sanity saver and I can't wait.

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