Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yes those are photos of a kitten but don't be alarmed folks...

Don't be alarmed folks, I'm not one to wax lyrical at epic length about my pets, but today is an exception as we have a new member of the family. As we all know any baby has an extra degree of photogenia and this one is no exception. Originally a bribe to squeeze a fourth form (yr 10) book log out of my eldest daughter to gain an english NCEA credit, we finally got Uneous (my daughter's appellation of choice, rhymes with Eunice - long story) last Monday. She is sweet, petite and smart and has won us all over - except for the dog. Our west highland white terrier, Robbie, believes she is a treat for his enjoyment. Apparently she has 'eat me' written on her forehead in dogese. Who knew?
I thought the most difficult part would be toilet training but she already had that sussed before she even came home with us. No, the hardest thing will be getting the dog to like her. She is also housebound until 2 weeks after her final vaccination on February 13. There is a lot of closed doors and 'have you seen the kitten?' and 'where's the dog?' We have had cats before and Robbie got on well with our last two, Claude and Izzie. But they were adults when we got him. They took no prisoners. He knew his place and they were fine with him considering any other cat who ventured on to the property fair game. I am enroling Uneous on a self-defense course as soon as possible.

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