Friday, January 16, 2009

When out in public remember to hide the crazy...

Some very sage, hilarious advice from novelist Joshilyn Jackson, found here today, including 'writing and publishing are not the same thing' and some smart stuff on writing groups and the whys and wherefores of writer's conferences (including the line - "[publishing sometimes requires...] a big bucket in which to hide The Crazy while you front like Mental Health is your long time lover instead of a guy you saw on the bus one day and he looked kinda scared of you") via Janet Reid's Blog here (always wise and funny). Its excellent stuff and I definitely had some 'a-hah' moments as I read the post. Don't know what it is about 2009 but even though the publishing world still seems to be in holiday mode in my neck of the woods I feel like I'm finally understanding this business a bit better. And the nett result is a more zen-like attitude to publishing. I hope it lasts because I like how it feels.

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In two weeks I'll be recommending Joshilyn Jackson's THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING to my Colorado Springs Gazette readers. I post the columns to my blog, so if you can remember to check it out, I'd be glad to have you.