Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell 2008. Here's to 2009...

(two of my three children on holiday in Rotorua in 2008):-

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2009 dawned bright and shiny here in Auckland and looked as hopeful and ripe with potential as it could. I've never been so keen to start a new year as I was this time around. 2008 was not without its own charms but it had more than its fair share of frustrations. I hope 2009 does not buckle under the wait of expectations as I know I am not the only one looking for better things this year. I have made one New Year's resolution but have decided to keep it mostly to myself.

I'm also not keen to out too many of my hopes and ambitions for 2009 either. Mostly because they rely on things outside my control and it is impossible to say right now how things will pan out. If the incidence of 'better things' relied solely on people's hopes then this year would be a doozy but it all feels very up-in-the-air. Anything is possible. I have two stories to finish (the YA and an intermediate thriller) and I will be putting the hard word on myself to get those done. One at least must be done ASAP. Hopefully both. As my daughters are off to the States in April to represent NZ at the World Cheerleading Champs in Florida I know a lot of my time will be focused on helping them get ready. I don't have too many other plans in the first half of the year. The latter half of 2008 came to such a swift conclusion because of all the things I had on in September, October and November that i am looking forward to a calmer pace in 2009.

I've also been too hung up on the fate of old manuscripts and it has been holding me back so one other ambition I will own up to is the one where I let go of those old MS and their fates and devote the attention they deserve to my current WIP. This sounds so dreadfully easy when I put it like that but I really struggle with this one. I love all my babies and want them to do well and they have been unemployed too long! Worrying about them really does slow me down on my writing. This morning the son of a friend of mine stirred another idea i've had festering away in my brain for a while with an idle observation about school footwear (its a long story - hopefully an interesting one when i get round to writing it) but i really must finish what's cooking now before i can get started on that.

Heres to 2009 - may it be as bright, shiny and prosperous as it first looked.

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