Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its time to get started...

So 2008 passed away, and I am itching to get on with 2009 but my days are full of children booking time in on our main computer and cleverly dropping my booking down to the bottom of the list each time. I love my children very much but find it very hard to write when they are around. And I am ready to write NOW. The only reason I'm blogging now is because THEY ARE ALL OUT OF THE HOUSE - but it is only temporary and I know at least one of them will be back soon. I want agents, publishers and editors to be back at work, but all is quiet. The weather is divine and the days long and I have a huge pile of wonderful books to be reading BUT I WANT TO GET ON WITH IT! I want whole selfish days of empty house and solitude to contemplate my WIPS in. I want to fritter time playing solitaire and free cell. I want to go watch movies on my own at the picture theatre even though my eldest thinks this is a tragic disease to which she must find a cure. Really honey, I not only don't mind, I like it. I want to learn new stuff about literature and writing and the world in general (why are there so few options at NZ universities for writers of childrens literature). I want weekend-long dates with my SO where we can wake up as late as we like, eat meals without being interrupted and watch whatever we like on the tv. We are already half way through January and the year hasn't started yet. Come on 2009, I'm ready for you, bring it on. I have an important job to do. I have to think up great stories and clothe them in credible outfits of description and imagery. These stories need to transport the reader out of their current reality and reward them for the time spent reading. They have to be more satisfying then the reader's favourite meal and I have to tell them well. Its not enough just to construct sentences out of novel word combinations with correct grammar. Publishers don't just want good writing. Its my job to make the reader glad they picked up my book. To wonder about the world I created. And care about the people in it. And maybe understand their own world a little better too. I can't do anything less. Its a tough job and I don't know if I'll succeed. But I want to give it my best shot. And i want to start now.


Tania Hutley said...

Hiya. Love your description of what our job as writers really is. It's definitely one to aspire to!

Melinda Szymanik said...

jeepers, I think I've frightened myself off a bit with this description. That'll teach me!