Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When things turn to mush...

I don't get it. I have had some successes and felt a bit proud of myself. Wondered if it was time to call in a little confidence and puff my chest out just a tad. The theory was, or so i thought, that success breeds success and to best capitalise on what had gone before I should stand a bit tall and call (not shout cos that would be too much) my name across the rooftops. Well when this happens watch out for the yawning great chasmic pothole that is opening up a metre in front of you, happy to trip you and swallow you whole if it gets a chance. So I am squinched down to my usual size (maybe a tad smaller) and trolling for chocolate as its the only magic that might save me from turning a sorry shade of blue.

Suffice to say an opportunity I thought I had is getting more complicated by the hour, some other opportunities were pie-in-sky or castle-in-clouds: take your pick, and my current efforts are turning into an unmanageable monster which needs to have its head lopped off quick before it kills. Chocolate, I need chocolate, chocolate with a high alcohol content, and lashings of it, STAT.


The Scarlet Tree said...

Oh Dear...I love the look of Were-Nana...I will have to ask my local childrens book shop to get it in.
Just remember though .... eat the chocolate really slowly ... I think it helps the creative process :)

Melinda Szymanik said...

I'm slowly coming back on to an even keel with the help of the chocolate. Glad The Were-Nana appeals. Depending on where you are located you may need to get it over the internet as it will only be available in bookshops in NZ when released in September. Australia had talked of taking it but didn't in the end (hence the need for chocolate). Try www.nzbooksabroad.com clicking on children>literature>picture books in september.

Its lovely to have a new voice commenting (I'm curious about how you came across me and my blog)