Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you really want to know?...

A few weeks back i blogged about my starry son scoring a hat trick at soccer, of which I was extremely proud. Now I want to brag about my daughters also. My younger daughter Geneva has just been voted captain of her junior elite Cheerleading team, the Stormz and this week also my older daughter Elora, in the senior elite Cheerleading team, the Viperz, learnt a very impressive new tumbling trick. I tried to upload the video but i don't think blogger likes the format its in so instead here is a link

I was also intrigued by this posting on Nathan Bransford's blog ( ).

"We're going hypothetical today. It's like a thought experiment on steroids, only if the steroids had themselves had been taking steroids in order to become super steroids on steroids. Or not. Here goes.Question #1: Let's say there was a seer who could tell you definitively whether or not you have the talent to be a published writer. Absolute 100% accuracy. But. If the seer person said no, that's that. Final answer. Would you want to know?Question #2: If the seer person said no, you don't have the talent to be a published writer, would you still write?"

Last time I checked there were over 180 comments to this post. There have been times when I have wondered whether somebody should be told to stop writing but I reached the same conclusion that Nathan reached. I would never stand in the way of someone's dream (as long as it wasn't hazardous to their health in a big way), I would have no right to. And writing (or any creative endeavour) is about taste and I don't have universal taste, I only know what I like. I also don't have a crystal ball which shows how much someone might improve or change. I cringe looking back on my early efforts. I think I've improved. If I'd checked with Nathan's oracle in the early stages of my writing career, the resounding 'no' probably would have been heard several continents away.

I'm also currently grappling with a Creative New Zealand funding application for the July funding round. The big questions are will I ever understand exactly what it is they're asking for and is there a novel way (heh!) of getting their attention. This could take some time and need some good wine and brainstorming. Wish me luck.

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