Monday, July 28, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.....

Its all very blah at the moment. The rain just keeps on coming and i'm sick of having cold feet because a) my socks are wet cos of the rain or b) because its so cold. I saw the movie Dark Knight on the weekend with my SO and my kids and i loved it. This is one smart, complete, well thought out, well acted masterpiece. AND i saw it in imax which is amazing when you think if you lean forward in your theatre seat you will see down the side of the building on the screen. My first thought when the movie finished (besides what a nice complexion that boy Christian Bale has) was i wish all movies and tv programmes were written this well. Still i'd be glued to the screen 24/7 if that were true so maybe its really a blessing that so much tv and so many movies are crap. But it was tres' satisfying and I have already vowed to see it again. Yes Heath Ledger (or is that Legend) acted his pants off but everyone else was right there with him doing a damn fine job. I guess i should shut up about it now because raising people's expectations can be a dangerous thing. So just go see the movie okay?

Anyways I was talking about the blahness of all things (except the Dark Knight) and especially for me at the moment that includes my WIP. I had some feedback from a critique group last weekend and a friend during the week and I'm thinking its too hard to do a good job and I should just stop now before I invest too much time and bits of myself into the story which will then get shoved into a dark file folder for the rest of all time. I'm having a short break from it but its troubling me. I have also had no news from people about submissions which is perpetually tiresome.

I am a shy person. That is why i have a blog to hide behind. In particular, book promotion is hard work for me. I would prefer not to do it but I do want my books to succeed and while I cannot be sure that any appearances I make sell more books in the long term, the chance that the two are related keeps me at it. And I remember how much I adored books as a child and what a thrill it would have been to meet an author. If I had, maybe I would have been braver and started my writing career sooner. It would be nice to make that kind of difference to a child. I keep hoping I discover a format that is easy and fun that I can adapt and apply to every situation. Maybe thats just the thing to divert me from my unhappy WIP and my lack of any other distractions.

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