Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obsessing, rationalising and teaching...

Writers seem born to worry, fret, obsess and agonize. This one does anyway. I thought for a while obsessing might be a bit of a bad habit but I've decided its part of who I am and I intend to embrace it instead. Why make one bad character trait (obsessing) into two (obsessing and feeling worried about obsessing)? And lets face it, being obsessive about writing has got me to where i am today. Being obsessive has sent me out in search of more knowledge and understanding about my craft and the business associated with it. Its made me wiser, more persistent and keener to succeed. Sure, when I'm desperate to know what a publishers decision is about a manuscript of mine I can become a little unhinged and probably horribly annoying but I'm better then i used to be. Distractions such as blogging and moaning to writer friends about how long everything takes are helpful.

These publishing decisions do take too long. On a good day I can rationalise about the length of time and understand that the manuscript has to be seen and approved by a number of people or groups. I can rationalise that my manuscript is not the only manuscript being considered and publishing staff don't just sit around considering manuscripts all day. There is the whole turning of ms into books thing that needs to be done too. But on a bad day rationalising is evil and should not be contemplated, let alone applied. On a bad day I need good news and I need it fast. I guess I should avoid bad days.

I have a new feather in my hat. I have been asked to conduct a writing workshop for some keen writer school children. I am excited about this, looking forward to the challenge of incorporating my own writing style and methods into exercises and lessons that are instructive, inspiring and age appropriate. I don't have a teaching or library background but I was a school kid once, and back then i loved books and writing just like i do now. I hope I get more opportunites like this in future.

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