Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stepping up to the plate ...

Book sales were perky last year, both here in New Zealand, and round the world. This good news is a sweet note to be starting the year on. And children's and young adults books are doing particularly well. Yeehah! This makes me keen for writing.

In contrast to last year I have few fixed events in 2015. In fact I currently have only one speaking engagement booked in. Last year was jam packed and super exciting, but I have to say I feel just as excited about this somewhat quieter year. And there are a few tasty carrots dangling in the distance. My SO and I are having a bit of a trip away later in the year. Far away. To new places. Very exciting. And then I will come home just in time for the Bi-annual Children's Writers and Illustrators Conference. This year the Conference will be in Wellington over the first weekend of October. A conference like this is gold: for networking, for sharing information, tips, and issues, for exploring the new and catching up with old friends. I'll post further details as they come to hand.

I still have some older projects that I want to work on, and one or two new ones to get started with. I also need to get back in to a more regular blogging habit. I want to do lots of reading and take in art, theatre and movies.

So ... the plan for the year is to

1) Complete at least two long projects (novels) - either new or existing
2) Attend the conference
3) Read 46 books (already declared as my Goodreads challenge) and write a review of each one
4) Write at least one new picture book manuscript
5)Create a publishing plan for every completed manuscript (existing and new) which notes the publishing avenues I will pursue for each.
6) Put those plans in to action for each manuscript
7) Blog at least once a week
8) Contribute as much as possible to the task of creating a New Zealand Children's Laureate
9) Do that thing I've forgotten that I also want to do
10) Do some other really cool stuff

Putting these things in print is a good way of guilting me in to action on them. So what about you guys? What are you stepping up to the plate to do this year ...?

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TK Roxborogh said...

Finish two novels (would be good if I actually stopped farting about with the research and sat down and let the characters take over.

Walk the St Clair Vineyard Half Marathon (because this goal gets me out of my chair and active - I'd spend all day in my PJs on the couch if I didn't)

Complete my BA in Māori (which is a paper each semester and loads of painful revision and practice - why have I done this to myself?)

Get to conference like you.

Oh and celebrate my 50th a couple of weeks after the international launch of my Banquo's Son Trilogy (squee).