Monday, November 10, 2014

Head down...

Here is a little something something while I complete my final university assignment (which looks like it'll be about 10,000 words long at the rate I'm going). It includes a bit of a look at how Margaret Mahy uses and subverts fairy tales in her fiction. Which reminded me of this poem I wrote and posted some time back.

I have made some changes.

Sometimes words escape me
I think it's because I pinch them
As if I'm Hansel and Gretel's witch.
Sometimes I squeeze them
so hard
Cut them to make them fit
Like the feet of step-sisters
In Cinderella's dainty shoes
That they bleed
upon the paper
Leaving a stain upon the page
That reads between the lines
Like the truth of ‘happy ever after’
In old fairy tales

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