Monday, November 4, 2013

A poem for Tuesday...

So I have this essay to write. The last one for the year. And my (self-determined) topic is rehabilitating the reputation of YA romance. Don't shoot me - even the feminists agree they aren't all bad. And anyways, because I was avoiding having to make hard decisions and actually write the thing, then I watched this and, I don't know if its real or not, but my tears and the inspiration were real. And of course I wrote a poem. Tuesday is poem day so here it is in all its raw and unedited (which is the only way I manage to write my poems) glory. Maybe it should be longer. I'll have to think about that.

 by me

You own the air
treat it with a devil's care
make it bend to your will
for journeys
for need
for the way home
for fun

I see you out in storms
It's not that you have no
for the speed and ferocity
of that wind
But maybe that it has
for you


Old Kitty said...

I totally was hooked on Educating Yorkshire - one of the best programmes around and totally blubbed when Musharaf gave his final speech - beautiful!!!

Love your poem too! take care

Jane Bloomfield said...

Nice! 'Eagle' makes me think of the NZ falcon, the only male to woo his woman with dance. You see pairs in lovely swooping motions mid mountain air down this way early spring. Beautiful.