Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waiting on some research

Someone's hammering on the roof next door. This is not conducive to writing. And I've hit a small hiccup with my writing because the scene i'm working on now needs some convincing trick bike riding lingo. I'm obviously not hip enough because when i tried to find some books to get out of the library to do some research on the topic i can't even find any. I don't know the right words for the search engine. I'll have to go in and do it manually. i'm waiting for the library to cough up Darkly Dreaming Dexter because after watching the Dexter tv series I'm hooked (despite the fact that he's an emotionless serial killer) and as tv series are never as good as the books they're based on i can't wait to read it. Can my trick bike riding scene wait until the book i've requested turns up? I'll give it a few days, keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. And then I'll probably end up making two trips anyway. My patience always runs out before the waited for object,event, reply arrives. You'd think I'd learn from this but no, my impatience is a demanding little thing.

I also need to do an outline for my new project to give to my agent so she can try and sell it for me. I have never met anyone who says outlines are easy to write. Darn. I'm so lazy i like easy things. I've made a few notes which roughly correspond to an outline which i'm pretty happy with but the strangest thing is i can't seem to do an outline for the bit I've already written. Turns out fiction is stranger than fiction too, along with the truth. if anyone has some outline writing tips (or wants to do it for me, she says optimistically) let me know.

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