Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good omens

Things are going along swimmingly with my new project. I'm feeling reasonably in control and i'm liking how its developing. These are good omens. Stories tend to go better when I have these good feelings about them. I guess its ready to be written and i'm ready to write it. I find i can't really plan these things. i can have an idea i like but if it doesn't have that good vibe its hard to write and never turns out as well. I always file these things away for a later date though as sometimes the vibe turns up and its all go. I do envy people who can write to a prescription though. When the theme for the next Random House NZ anthology comes out each year, i'm lucky if i have a story that already fits. I have never written something as the result of the theme that has come out well enough to be submitted. Maybe this is something that i will learn in the future.

I'm still wishing i was pre-empting the YA trend but must keep in touch with reality and realise i cannot turn back time or write my story and have it published in two months time. Just hope i can sustain the positive vibes for the entirety of the story, and that it turns out a decent length. This is one of the draw backs with my style of writing. Writers who do a load more planning and organising than i do will have a much better idea of the final word count. Still it wouldn't be my writing if I didn't do it my way.

Storylines family day in Auckland on June 15. I'll be there. Always a good event, its incredibly heartening to see the hordes of children and their parents wanting to ride the smart wave on books. Its also good to watch what the seasoned professionals do when talking about their own books and I will be taking notes for the future. Hope you are all going.

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