Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good to see so many book readers at storylines...

Things have been busy. Medical appointments, sick children, preparing my talk for last week, children's after school activites (soccer practice and cheerleading), and yesterday my daughters' cheerleading national competition and the Storylines Festival Family Day in Auckland. Somewhere in all of this i have been trying to up my word count for my YA project and of course trying to get my head round the prospect of writing a stunning outline that will sell the book. The doesn't even 'sound' easy. Ack!

My son scored a hat trick for his soccer team on saturday and as karma would have it (go karma!) this was the first game i've been to watch this season. I'm so glad i was there. My daughters didn't fare quite so well at the cheerleading especially compared to previous years when they've stolen the show, but both girls performed well and showed off some new skills. I am in awe of all my children. And incredibly proud.

Storylines was again a great success. I always feel hopeful for the state of the book industry after this event because of all the parents and children who come to hear all about books. Its a fun day of activities, with a chance to make things, get face painted, see favourite characters like Clifford and Hairy MaClairy and hear stories read aloud. And in all of this the families are buying books and passing on a love of literature to their children. Yay. I sat on the Kiwiwrite4kidz stand with a host of other authors displaying our books and talking to keen readers and writers. A personal highlight for me was having one woman tell me that 'Clever Moo' was her daughter's favourite book and they read it together every night. People were also interested in my new books. The other highlight was sitting with the nicest people all day talking books. What a talented, generous, supportive , friendly bunch you all are. I feel lucky to be amongst such company. I think joining Kiwiwrite4kidz has been one of the best moves I ever made for my writing career. I have made such good friends, received brilliant advice and been encouraged and supported over the last four years that I have belonged. Thanks guys. I will be doing my best to pay this forward in future.

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