Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging keeps me (relatively) sane....

Today it is Justine Larbalestier's blog that is driving my thoughts ( ). Her latest post talks about the statistics behind her blog and how over the past 3 years comments have grown from almost nothing to 13 per post. That gives me hope that people may one day leave comments for me. I dream about having to turn on the comment moderator.

The other thing Justine said that really struck a chord with me was that blogging is her antidote to the glacial pace of publishing. Everything takes so long (measured generally in half years and years) when you are a fiction writer, in terms of submissions, responses, editing, and if you are lucky enough, actual publication. Blogging is instantaneous. Have a thought you want to share? You can blog about it and it appears immediately. Your thought can provoke a discussion or send someone off on their own thought process ( ) and it all happens very quickly. Ms Larbalestier says blogging keeps her sane in the slow world of writing and I can only agree. My sanity has too long been at the mercy of the vagaries (or should that be vagueries) of the publishing business and here at last is something under my control. I love you blog world, you are my life preserver.

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Fifi Colston said...

I read you religiously!
The bit about a jobbing writer in your blog (this one or last- darn now I'm in the comments box I can't see) I described myself as a jobbing illustrator to a publisher the other day. I had a lot less angst about my work as an illustrator when i did commercial artwork fulltime and the occasional childrens book 'to keep my hand in'. Now it's turned the other way around and I really relish those commercial jobs- and rates!
x Fifi