Thursday, May 29, 2008

Opening a can of worms...

I am giving a wee talk in a few weeks on the ten most important things i've learnt about the writing business so far and i must confess i've already rewritten it about five times and i'm no closer to being happy with the final product then i was at the beginning. I'm realising that the ten most important things vary widely depending on where you are at in your writing career. Things i want to know now are not the things i needed or wanted to know four years ago when i had my first book accepted for publication. I know, i know - i should stop whining and get on with it because ultimately as a writer i should be able to come to some conclusions and write them in an interesting fashion. Its what i'm meant to be able to do. I just didn't realise i'd set myself such a difficult task when i glibly suggested i'd talk about the ten most important things. I guess this uncertainty i'm experiencing might be a good place to start my talk. Have a good weekend folks. I'm talking at St Andrews church, Epsom on June 9th in the evening if you want to see me squirm (check out the kiwiwrite4kidz website for details). I'll also be at the Storylines family day in Auckland on Sunday June 15 at the Kiwiwrite4kidz table hawking my books if you want to say hello or see what my books are about. Have a great weekend.

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