Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good friends

A very good friend of mine came home from a holiday in europe last weekend (lucky thing) and we met up yesterday for the first time since her return. It was great to see her. We talk about nothing most of the time: the small details, the minutiae of our daily lives, the similarities (we both have three children of similar ages, pets, husbands not necessarily in that order) and the differences and I really missed her while she was away. We usually meet twice a week and our meetings are an enjoyable part of my weekly habits. Its like a regular debrief that wipes away the little annoyances that can build up and swamp you if you aren't careful. We share good news and debate our worries and concerns until they are manageable. We talk about books, movies and whats been happening in the world. We have different jobs and our families do different things but underneath all that we have a lot in common. Everyone needs good friends. I'd recommend this one but she's mine and you can't have her.

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