Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have a super power. I can break wardrobe doors with my butt. I discovered this yesterday. Time will tell if this super power will benefit humankind.

I have two books coming out later this year. A novel for children called Jack the Viking and a picture book The Were-Nana both with Scholastic NZ in September and August respectively. I got extremely excited earlier this week when these titles were listed on Amazon UK, Japan and France. But my joy was well and truly deflated when I learned that the listings are just an automatic event where Amazon lists everything that appears on another list somewhere else. There go my plans for world domination. But how incredible would it be to have a book translated into another language. I get light headed just thinking about it and i so hope it happens to one of my books one day.

I attended my first ever book industry conference at the beginning of May. The Childrens Book Council Of Australia (CBCA) bienniel conference in Melbourne. It was wonderful and I had a great time and I will talk more about it next week. I'm waiting for the fog to clear before i take ma wee dog for a walk (he had a close shave about two weeks ago and I'm afraid he might freeze to death but I cannot bring myself to put clothes on him. He's a dog. The upside of the cold might be that the fleas freeze right off him but they seem an extraordinarily hardy bunch this year).

Have a fun weekend. Go the Blues and all the soccer players in my family.

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