Friday, May 23, 2008

My books

I picked up advance copies of my books The Were-Nana (due september 2008) and Jack the Viking (due October 2008) from the publisher yesterday. I have them in my house. They are real. I've held them, looked inside and shown them to my husband and children, who also all agree the books are real. Its been a long process. I finished writing both stories in early 2006 so its hard to get my head around the fact they are finally here. I want to run around the neighborhood showing them to everyone. I want them to be in bookshops now. They are beautiful and i love them and its exciting. Pictures available shortly.

I was also celebrating yesterday because i read the news that the author's fund has had a very positive makeover in the latest Budget. A new name, more money and eventually a new home as well. Yay!!! Hopefully there will be a little extra in the cheque this year.

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