Educational Resource: Made With Love

Educational Resource
Made with Love
By Melinda Szymanik, illus. Gabriella Klepatski

Using the special ingredient of love, Mama makes biscuits with her children. They make a gingerbread woman which they decide to save but eat the other biscuits. Outside, while playing, filled with the love from the biscuits their Mama made, the children make a snowman. In the night the gingerbread woman comes to life and when she sees the snowman recognizes the same ingredient she has been made with and falls in love with him. Instead of being eaten by the family cat the gingerbread woman manages to hitch a ride. Taken outside, she is able to be with the snowman until the rain melts them both, leaving just her lolly decorations and his carrot nose in the garden for the children to find in the morning

Love, family, mothers, maternal love, determination

  1. How are the gingerbread woman and the snowman similar? How are they different?
  2. What is the special ingredient?
  3. Why do you think Penny and Sam say “Silly Mama” when she calls them in from outside?
  4. Who would enjoy reading this book?
  5. Do biscuits taste better when they are made with love?

  1. Using the story find synonyms for the following words: extraordinary, stuffed, banquet, zoomed, covered, chilly, yelling, strong, firm, fearless
  2. Find the compound words in the story
  3. Match these words to the right character(s) – cool, wrapped up, spicy, fizzing, fierce, hungry, steady, shrieking, happy
  4. Bake gingerbread people using the recipe in the book

Teacher Notes
  1. Similarities and differences between the gingerbread woman and the snowman can be identified in the text.

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