Friday, March 2, 2012

When the bun-fight is over...

Well there is still plenty of debate happening online about the role of publishers these days. You could check out this post over at ex-agent, current-author, Nathan Bransford's blog about how publisher's are perceived. Lots of interesting comments follow. Then there is this from author Anthony Horowitz which is funny in places but also, ultimately, not the full picture IMHO (thanks to Maureen Crisp for alerting me to this one). I'm not anti-publisher. I'm not anti-e-book. What I want is the best possible opportunity to connect with potential readers. I want fair recompense for my efforts. I have no idea how all this is going to shake out but in the meantime I will continue to write, in the hope that I can still get my stories to any interested readers, and get paid for it, when the bun-fight is over.

Finalists for the NZ Post Children's Book Awards were announced this week (you can see the list here). I wasn't on either the picture book or YA lists and had to scurry off and hide under a dark duvet to lick my wounds and some chocolate for a while. But I am back now. My thoughts? I was surprised. There are some wonderful books on the lists. There are some wonderful books not on the list (so many I thought were sure-fire inclusions are absent). Congratulations to all those shortlisted and good luck for the announcement of the winners in May.

In happier news my new picture book Made with Love, illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski, published by Duck Creek Press, and out in bookshops April, got a lovely review in the Canvas Magazine from the Weekend Herald today. Yay!!


Old Kitty said...

Congrats with the review of Made with Love! Good for you! And I am so sorry about the nominations list - but look your picture book is in this wonderful magazine so there!! Yay!!!

Oh I get very tired with one side saying trad publishers are doomed, the other saying e-publishing is the future.

I really really think there is plenty or room for both to exist along side each other and not at the expense of the other. What is changing for me is the physical layout of where books are available. Bookshops are closing down but rumour has it Amazon is about to open shops in the high street or something (I'm sure I read this somewhere! LOL!).

Personally - I hope picture books will forever be available in print - I mean how could anyone not have the pictures - the wonderful artwork - in the books in print!?!?

Take care

Anonymous said...

I too find it a complete yawn fest reading all the articles about the future of publishing. It seems everyone is trying to outdo each other in guessing what's going to come next.
Yvette Carol