Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giving thanks...

When I first wrote Made With Love, I submitted the manuscript for the Storylines Joy Cowley Award. I was short-listed for the award and while I didn't win I was advised my story had been Joy Cowley's favourite and she subsequently helped me with editing and promoted it to several publishers. I had a few nibbles but ultimately it remained unpublished until Duck Creek Press came into being. When I received my author copies about a month ago I sent one to Joy to say thank you for her help and support. In her reply she said "...I thought this was one of the best manuscripts I've read and am so delighted to see it in print. at last. It's a gem that needs to be out there in the shops every Valentine's Day, and in between." I felt deeply touched and honoured by her words. I have needed to re-read them a few times in recent days. I hope she doesn't mind my repeating them here. Thank you Joy Cowley for your very generous encouragement and support for many new writers for children, including myself.   Thank you too to Gabriella Klepatski, for her wonderful warm and touching illustrations that have brought my story to life.

and grateful too my eldest is being so well looked after in USA. Here she is on Spring Break in Key West

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Old Kitty said...

Good for you!! And what wonderful words from Joy Cowley!!

Hoorah for your daughter too! Take care