Friday, March 9, 2012

And (drum roll please) the winner is ...

I very much like Nicola Morgan's analogy about how the reading experience for children is like strawberries or spinach. Go check it out here. Its exciting to find children are reading and loving the experience. Its cool to think they are relishing the experience and getting so much out of it - both strawberry and spinach. Whatever form they get their books in, stories are still important to them.

Today I feel lucky to be doing what I dreamed of. I always wanted to be a writer of stories for children of all ages. Not only am I writing stories but they are ending up as books with my name on the cover. I read the words and wonder "How did I do that?" I guess I put a lot of good words in my brain over the years. Some of those words were in breathtaking combinations (strawberry and spinach) and that helped me form some of my own good sentences. Sometimes I wish things ran a little smoother and the path was a little more straight forward. But I'm still getting to do my dream job. Every day.

I would like to announce the winner in my 500th blog post competition. It was tough to pick, but my SO and I agreed Ms MANIC was the best. Old Kitty if you would like to pick two from the following titles - picture books The Were-Nana, The House That Went to Sea, or Made with Love, and novels Jack the Viking and The Half Life of Ryan Davis - and send a postal address to me here I will post those out to you. I will be running more competitions in future - both here and on facebook for those of you who missed out this time.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Melinda! Oh wow. Oh you star!! I'm so chuffed! Oh this is so good of you, thank you so much!! WOW!!!

Oh wow! What a great way to start my weekend, thank you so much! Yay!

Take care

Melinda Szymanik said...
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Melinda Szymanik said...

You're welcome Ms Kitty! Don't forget to let me know what 2 books you want and where I should send them. My email link is in this post and in the contact me info in the sidebar.