Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprained eyeballs...

I'm sleeping badly. Yesterday my eyeballs felt like they'd stepped off the kerb and twisted themselves. Sprained eyeballs - weird - but thats how it felt. They're a little better today. I only missed an hours sleep last night while I surreptitiously (excellent word btw) co-ordinated eldest daughters return from party between 1am and 2am via text message on mobile set on vibrate so as not to disturb SO who had an early start this morning to take son off to all day soccer tournament. Daughter taxied in the end and I didn't have to do a late night run - whew.

I got an immense thrill out of a post (see below) from Beattie's Blog the other day...

check this out

(Graham was tipped off to this clip by Mary Varnham of Awa Press. The bookshop featured is Maria's Bookshop in Colorado.)

Booker Prize winning The Bone People by Keri Hulme was first published in 1984. Its one of the best sellers in Maria's Bookshop and one of their favourite books in 2010. One of the things they like best about the book is its lyrical quality. This is cool book news of the first order!!

I am trying to order, sort and catalogue my writing brain for some upcoming talks. If only all parts of my brain would come to an agreement on my take on writing and publishing. My style and approach is continually evolving. And even when I have my own rules I know these are just for me and other people use their own variations to great effect. For example, a fab auckland writer I know aims for a high content of show over tell with brilliant results. I like to go for a more even mix and then read bestseller books that don't even seem conscious of what 'show not tell' means. But it can all work. A good piece of writing is the sum of all its parts. And even then you must still add the reader to the mix to get the final result. I used to be more fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants (still true of short stories and picture books) but I'm becoming more pre-planned and organised about my novels.

I have a YA bodice ripper novel lurking in the background which I would one day like to finish. (This has been the writing affair I have been having recently while my two main projects have been waiting patiently for me to come back and finish them off). In this bodice ripper I have two love interests and a major plot development/twist involving both and I cannot decide how to let it play out. In this case planning probably won't help me. I have to write the story to find out who the sweet and wise female lead Plum will end up with. And thats only about 40 or 50 thousand words away. Argh....In which case the one true golden rule to be a writer is, you must actually 'write'.


Old Kitty said...

The Bone People - one of my ultimate top 5 books of all time seriously and truly. I couldn't put that book down, I read near enough all the way through - I cried the whole way - cried! It's an amazing, amazing, amazing book! I don't think she's written any more? I must google her.. but Bone People - totally agree - it coruscates with utter fabulousness!

I do like your idea of a YA bodice ripper novel, with a heroin called, Plum!! Love it!

I hope it gets written very very soon!


Take care

Melinda Szymanik said...

Hi Kitty - I hope i get it written soon too because I'm dying to know how it ends :)

hope all is going well with Charlie

Fifi Colston said...

Harper Lee only wrote one book didn't she? One incredible, politically and socially conscious changing book that will endure for generations. Maybe thats just all someone needs to do.
I'm planning my one egg carton creature that will captivate the world forever. Hmmmm