Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The SO is off crutches (we have them on stand by just in case), he's had an MRI and we are waiting for confirmation that he has indeed turned the inside of that joint in to knee soup. Surgery is most likely - he's my very own six million dollar man (except much better looking but unable to leap tall buildings or run faster than a freight train - he could probably beat a fully laden burro if he had a tail wind). He's back to driving which is a bit of a relief as I found the roads very trying today. Wanted to ram a few cars but luckily managed to resist. Whew.

Did a couple hours writing on an old, new thing. About 12,000 words in. Am back to avoiding completed first draft of WIP which has hard to solve issues. Wondered today if solutions are not possible. Didn't like this train of thought and am hoping it will pass. Was greatly cheered by this link found today at The Rejectionist. Sometimes the simplest things have the greatest affect. I laughed out loud...


Old Kitty said...

We can re-built... your MS that is! Glad your SO is able to drive now - hope he gets better so you'd now have to indulge in a bit of road rage!


I want those & days....!!!

Thanks for the link!

Take care

TK Roxborogh said...

This is how I torture myself with the editing process: I highlight in yellow those parts which need work. Arrrghhh, there are so many yellow bits.

I've got two weeks left to write 40,000 words AND rewrite the beginning AND fix the last 40 pages (take from 3rd draft to 4th draft) and then check for historical accuracy (cue highlight yellow) and the Latin (cue HOD Languages at my school).

It's all there but but but I'm just come home from Parent/teacher evening, the girls are buffeting me with can I, will you, I wanna, comments and hubby with his: meeting this, spread sheet that, statistically analyse umm....

But the pull of the 11th century is so huge at the moment that even during the day when I am my alter ego (English teacher extraordinaire) I'm one foot in another place.

So I should not be on other people's blogs commenting but I am because it's all writing. Aye. It is.

Fifi Colston said...

I am being Fleured and Maureened with my chic lit and they have been stern with me in the nicest possible way and made me go in again and again slashing and burning, dragging my story out of its adverbs and backstory, pulling the best out of my dusty brain. And I can see it taking shape and I am excited once again about it...and oh crap it's the 20th tomorrow and a big pile of bills are waiting to be paid and the monthly accounts to do, the kitchen is filthy and the garden overgrown...writing and housework only go together when you are avoiding doing the first.