Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big congratulations! Envy reigns...

A big congratulations to all the finalists in this years NZ Post Children's Book Awards - list will be available on Booksellers NZ website soon here or can be seen here at Beattie's Blog Well done. Happy touring! Happy anticipation! Best of luck to you all. I am very excited to see some friends in the lists - I can still enjoy the experience vicariously :) Envy Reigns (actually thats a good character name don't ya think) - I am horribly jealous of you all and forever trying to worm my way on to a future list by writing something good.

Having known the highs (childrens choice last year - SQUEEEEEEEE) and the lows (missing the cut with my two other books) lots of hugs to those on the list and those not on the list. I share the joy and the disappointment.

And because we all know we spend too much time sniffing the (intramawebby) ether and not enought time creating our potentially award winning masterpieces here is a link to the latest brilliant post of the very smart and funny Rejectionist


Old Kitty said...


Awww. This Time Next Year.

For definitely sure!


Take care
p.s. Congrats to everyone too!!! and Good Luck!!!

KarenG said...

ahh, the highs and lows of the writing life!

Welshcake said...

It'll be you next! Have you finished that YA WIP yet? Hmm?