Thursday, March 25, 2010

Short and sweet....

Feeling unwell today so will be short and sweet and then I'm off to rest on the sofa with a hottie and some bad daytime tv. I finished editing my WIP, then went over it again and reached that magic point where I felt I never ever wanted to look at it again (don't worry, its a normal part of the process for me), so I e-mailed it to a publisher today. (yay, yay, yay) Have also spent some time today going over the publisher's edit of one of my short stories to be published later this year. I must say a short story edit is a joy - just the right length, no chance to get too confused and done in minutes. And there is an illustration to go with it. Sweet! Did a short talk yesterday (along with 3 other writers) to school principals, teachers and librarians and although I'd been having trouble deciding what i should say despite a fair amount of brain application, and stressing yesterday as I wrote my speech notes I felt happy with the final result. Its very reassuring when someone in the audience nods at a nod appropriate time, or nods and then hurriedly scribbles down some notes. I think in amongst it all I said some useful things as I 'exploded some fiction myths' and provided some 'tips for creative writing in the classroom'. I'm off to tend to my unwellness and await the homecoming of my faithful and diligent slaves (yes i do mock) also-known-as my children.


Old Kitty said...


I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you are now resting and concentrating on getting better! You've had quite a day!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! For finishing editing your WIP!! And also editing your short story! How fantastic - is that going to be published in an anthology or a mag or both? Great stuff!

Take care (fluids, fruit, family and not necessarily in that order!)



Melinda said...

Hi Kitty - thank you for the kind thoughts. The short story, "The man with the Dog Eye," is one of three of mine that will appear in an anthology coming out here in September (with Scholastic). I'm still quietly feeling the buzz of finishing the WIP and sending it off. Slowly getting better...I think...if only the slaves would take over the housework :)