Thursday, January 7, 2010

I guess I'm just jealous and probably a bit of a snob too...

okay - its obvious I'm confused and everyone's been too polite to say anything or too worried I'm talking about their book (do not fear - I have been talking of books by overseas authors). Folks I guess the underlying issue is that so much of what we talk about in writing circles - in blogs, in person, at writing workshops, at author talks, etc.. is about how to make your writing better. Agents and publishers blog about how hard you have to work to write to the highest standard with something fresh and unexpected to get them excited and interested and then Dan Brown sells in droves. Although the central premise of the current bestseller I'm reading (by no one I know personally) is a little weird, it is certainly fresh and intriguing. But I think the writing is weak. My daughter loved the book and told me I was too critical and smarty pants about it, although I was very interested to find out that this book is on some worst books of 2009 lists as well as some best ofs. Its been optioned for a movie. With a big name celeb for the main role. I guess I'm just jealous. And probably a bit of a snob. But in my defence I wouldn't be a snob if I didn't keep getting told its about the quality of the writing by everyone in the industry. I need to stop analysing and just sit back and enjoy the ride. Thats what other readers do.

And as far as my own writing is concerned? I want readers to sit back and enjoy the ride I have produced. But my big dream is to have them feel about my stories like I felt about my childhood favourites. To read my books more than once. Thats my aim. I've got a lot of work to do...Oh, and i promise to find a new topic for the next blog :)

ps - very sad to hear (via Beattie's Blog) that Marian Keyes is giving up writing due to depression. I hope she is able to recover soon from this debilitating illness.

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TK Roxborogh said...

I think my 'writer's block' comes about because I get paralysed with fear that I will be founded out - that someone will discover that actually, I'm not very good at writing. And, like you when you read, when I WRITE I'm constantly telling myself that what I'm putting on the page (so to speak) is utter crap. I wish I have the word bank as vast as someone like Fleur Beale but I have to rely on my thesauras.
I read Hush Hush recently and people were raving about that but me and it just didn't click.

I don't think you're alone is being able to see the moving parts in some books that are best sellers. That's the curse of being a writer - you are not fooled by the illusionist's tricks as easily.