Friday, January 29, 2010

The dust bunnies are forming colonies...

Came across this great interview of Daniel Handler at The Rejectionist. His first novel (for adults) was rejected 37 times before being accepted for publication. Mr Handler's latest novel has just been rejected. I find these facts incredibly disturbing. Okay, I can get my head round the 37 rejections - it was a first book, the author an unknown quantity. But this is no longer true. Daniel Handler's reputation has moved stratospherically beyond that. His sales record would have to be a publishers dream. What does it mean for less successful authors? Its a good interview - go read it.

I have a huge bunch of people coming over for afternoon drinks today. As always this has rendered me inert and I am now concentrating on keeping my gaze averted from the piles of rubbish that need clearing away and the dust bunnies forming colonies. My son has just pointed out my paper towers in the study, demanding I clear them away. Of course I counter argued that things were probably growing in the darkened corners of his bedroom but he wisely pointed out his bedroom was not a main thoroughfare available for communal use. Sigh. Note to self - next social engagement should be organised outside the house. Note to self number 2: school term starts next week, I can survive this.

Love this post by Justine Larbalestier on 'mansplaining'. Disturbing and hilarious in one fell swoop.


Fifi Colston said...

I find the end of Jan a time of extreme limbo and irritation- because the house is full of people (kids) who should be elsewhere doing something (like study or school)and consequently I get nothing much achieved. The life of a freelancer is like this and each year I forget and end up just as cross! They even invade my studio across town looking for glue guns and company, then drink all my coffee, eat all my snacks and leave their shopping bags/sweatshirts/detrius for me to bring home. Roll on next week Melinda- we can all get back to normal and blissful solitude!

SF said...

As a wannabe (one day) published author, I'm not sure what to take from this. On the one hand - 37 rejections! A lesson there to try, try again. On the other hand - help!

That post about mansplaining was hilarious!

Melinda Szymanik said...

Fifi, I am counting the days and feeling guilty 'cos I'm counting the days :) but also excited about the 'hours' of opportunity that will be available to me once more (signed bad mother)

SF - loved that link to The Age on your blog - excellent stuff. I find the whole Daniel Handler thing a bit strange, but then this is a crazy business we've signed up for.

SF said...

It is strange, because you'd think with his name they'd be able to sell it even if it was blindingly awful!

TK Roxborogh said...

Makes me feel (a tad) better about the fact that my agent is working is A off and the book is with (has been seen by) 50 editors and no one's leaping to buy.

Two emails yesterday. I copy to show the feed back not to show off:

Hi there,I am just writing to say I think your novel "Banquo's Son" is AMAZING!I literally couldn't put it down. I found myself reading until 5am a number of times...truly spectacular...I look foward to the next in the trilogy!Anyway, that being said I shall sign off now :)OWEN WINTER


I just finished reading Banquo's son and thought i'd let you know that i really, really enjoyed it. I wish i could tell you what i really liked about it but to be honest i just don't know. I was so captivated in it, i took it everywhere, read it whenever i had the chance, and stayed up all night reading. Every time i said to myself 'I'll get to the end of the chapter and then i'll stop.'
Three chapters later and i had forgotten about that.
I really liked the characters, especially Flea and Duncan. And the note you wrote when you signed my book i finally began to understand.
Rosie Vs Rachel
For Flea its Rosie, but personally i like Rachel better.
Once again, Thank-You for the great read, and i cant wait for Blood Lines!

Tess :]

My agent shoots these off to the editors and talks about best seller lists and all the positive reviews. Seems they are still blinded by vampires and fallen angels. GAHHHHHH

As to the dust thing. Ha, look at my halo! my hubby and I mowed and scrubbed and dusted and weeded and cleaned and sorted and threw out - all in prep for the two girls coming home after two weeks away!! Despite moaning about them forever, I actually missed them and was very pleased to see them both.

They'll be as tired as today and as grumpy as a bear with a sore head but I'll be at school so won't notice.

Hey, M, thanks for always finding great stuff to read. Preciate it!