Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mr Gaiman didn't visit...

There is a lot of paper in the office where I write. I like to have hard copies of my work because although I believe in them and consider myself not a complete technophobe, some deep part of my brain remains undeniably suspicious of computers. Sometimes they eat your work and then laugh at you when you try to retrieve it. Luckily (touch wood) I have not had too many computastrophes, but a recent experience has convinced me of the benefits of hard copies. Some years back (before the new millenium) I wrote a shortish fantasy novel with a reluctant prince as the central character. I brashly submitted it for the Tom Fitzgibbon award and while it didn't get anywhere, I did get my first real bit of feedback from one of the judges, the very lovely Jo Noble who said some kind and encouraging things. On her advice I made some additions but couldn't quite fix it to a point i was happy with. But one addition in particular was rather groovy and a bit sparkly and I always thought if I could fix the bones up around the best scenes in the story I would have something saleable. Well I think I've figured out the bones but I cannot find in computer file or in hard copy that sparkly addition which has kept my faith in that story alive all these years. I am trying to write it from memory but folks before you move on from any story whether you are satisfied with it or not - TAKE A HARD COPY AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE LOGICAL. It has probably developed a mythical brilliance that it doesn't deserve but I am sure that added scene was a gem even if only semi-precious (or just needing some polishing) and I am going to be sweating trying to pull as much of it as possible out of the dim dark memory recesses of my brain over the next few weeks. Wish me luck :)

Here is a short meme to keep you amused (or surprised) in the meantime

1) I like soccer better than rugby because soccer players have better legs
2) I learned classical ballet as a child and irish dancing in my thirties
3) I like Linkin Park (the Transformers made me)
4) I'm not big on foreign, arthouse or indie films.
5) I have a magnolia obsession - these are the coolest trees in the world
6) I also have a Chrysler Building obsession. It is my most favourite piece of art ever.
6) Housework is evil
7) I have a tattoo.

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