Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How many books are you going to write....

Q "Why did you decide to become a writer?"
A "Because its the only job where I can wear my pyjamas to work."
Q "What's your favourite book?"
A "The publisher's chequebook."

As you can see I'm working on some answers to the kinds of questions authors usually get asked at author talks. There are more in development. Stay tuned to see what comes out of this naughty brain of mine.

Was anyone else as horrified as I was at the image of that sweet pachyderm's body being loaded on a truck in yesterday's NZ Herald. The death of this beloved animal made grown men weep on national TV and the paper follows this up with a demonstration of its somewhat less than sensitive side with a tasteless and completely unnecessary photo no one wanted to see. Ack.

I was a little cheered by the picture on the back of the sports section (although it doesn't make up for what they did in the front section). Yay the Tall Blacks. What an excellent result for our basketballers against the Boomers on tuesday night (100 - 78). Way to go guys. Keep up the good work.

After being coy about the character Silas from the Graveyard Book in a blog post recently I realised today that its probably a lot more bleeding obvious than I thought and I've been a bit obtuse and anyone could have guessed what he really was by other hints Mr Gaiman dropped much earlier in the book. Someone else has to read this and discuss it with me because its hard talking about it with myself.

And OMG I have homework for the Spinning Gold conference. No one told me there would be homework. Please Miss, I can tell you right now, the dog ate it.

In other news, I will be appearing at the Thames Library on Wednesday October 21st for some NZ Book Month Were-Nana related festivities and don't forget I will be at the Aotea centre for the Storylines Family Day this Sunday if you want to come and say hi.

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