Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Come and meet me...

The scheduled publication dates of several projects that my work is appearing in have been delayed. I know these things happen. I feel like a pirate. Garr.

I have not written any words of fiction this week. Rats.

I got my second assignment back and I got a good mark - yay.

The Were-Nana has made another list - will tell you more soon. Yowza.

If you would like to come and say hi and meet me in the flesh or have me sign a book I am appearing at the Storylines Family Day in Auckland on Sunday August 30th. This is a free event on at the Aotea centre (the Edge). I'm in the Limelight room at 10.30 - 11 talking bout my books, at Wheelers Bookshop stand at 11 - 11.30 with Kyle Mewburn, and reading at Borders Bookshop at 12 - 12.30. I'm at Lower NZI at 1.30 - 2 (St Cuthberts are doing a performance of The Were-Nana) and at the Children's Bookshop stand from 2 - 2.30. I wrap up with some more reading on level 4 at Scholastic Books out loud from 2.30 - 3. Storylines family Days are excellent fun and a chance to meet authors and illustrators of childrens books. I'm hoping to squeeze in a visit myself to the Artists in Action event and especially hoping I will have the opportunity to meet Dylan Horrocks. There are lots of excellent people talking about their work, reading from their books and exhibiting their talents. You can check out the Storylines website here for more details about family days in your area. I hope to see you on the 30th.

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