Monday, August 10, 2009

I liked it more than the pirates of penzance...

saw this clip over at Meg Cabot's blog and laughed so hard....I had to share it. And there's a prize for whoever gets the reference in today's post title.

ps for people allergic to cats this clip includes LOTS of cats. But do not worry - I am not asking you to like cats. This is not about cute fluffy things, this is about physics, gravity and on many occasions the defying of these two things.


fleance (aka TK Roxborogh) said...

thank you so much for sharing that Melinda. I laughed so much I cried. It was just the tonic I needed as things have been very stressful for us of late (car blew the cam shaft, leaking home stuff discovered in the extension of our house in Auckland - major damage and mega money needed to fix it; issues of gossipy school girls and their parents hurting our family)

Can't wait to show it to my daughters

Melinda Szymanik said...

Super sorry to hear of your woes Tania. And i just don't get that whole gossip thing. We went through that last year with one of our children and I was stunned by the unwarranted vitriol some kids were capable of.

Glad the clip provided some relief. I'm finding myself a bit addicted to distractions right now for a variety of reasons:)

Hope things get less stressful for you