Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gotta love the indie's...

After my first book was published I quickly learned it is not a certainty that bookshops will stock my books, although my fingers and toes are always really, really crossed. So I felt my heart drop when I read the news at Beattie's blog here, that Whitcoulls/Borders will in future be managed from overseas. I cannot imagine that this can have a positive effect on the stocking of books published here in NZ. Two large Dymocks shops are closing doors on Lambton Quay, Wellington and Queen Street, Auckland. Sigh - why are things getting harder? Still, gotta love the indie's and hope they are doing okay. I'll keep doing my bit by buying books as often as possible.

In better news I got an A on my first assignment for the university paper I am doing. Crikey, I better get cracking on the second one. And it was fantastic to read of Tania Roxborogh's success (also on Beattie's blog) signing up with a US agent to represent her book Banquo's Son. To be published here by Penguin NZ in October, it sounds like a ripping read and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Still waiting to hear back on a bunch of stuff (come on guys, its been months now!!). Its friday. Sipping at a piccolo of champagne and laughing at Fifi's comment to my last post. I've decided the secret to managing it all is to lock the door from the inside and stay really quiet so no one can find you :)

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