Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to reality...

I wish I could have another go at the NZ Post Book awards 2009 ceremony. Primarily so I can enjoy the night properly without all the associated nerves. And get another chance to talk to all the people that I wanted to talk to and didn't. And to take more notice of all the things going on a round me. Thank goodness my SO was there with me to fill me in on a bunch of stuff I missed. It was a wonderful experience but its like being at your own wedding, where the whole event just flashes past (demonstrating the time is not a constant). Already I'm forgetting things (and no, I didn't have that much to drink) and I don't want to. Its a bit like young girls with High School Musical or Twilight on DVD :) I just want to be able to replay it over and over again whenever I want.

Of course it was turning the cold day-old sweaty and muddy soccer socks right way out that brought me back down to earth. Cloud 9 is a wonderful place to visit but you can't live there. From up there I could see the mounting pile of washing including all the school uniforms, the state of the kitchen bench and the pinched feed-me-something-other-then-snack-food looks stamped on the faces of my children. And it wasn't just the day to day running of the household at No. 24 that brought me back, it was the realisation that laurels aren't really made for resting on. Laurels can be prickly beggars (although they're very nice for flavouring soups and stews). And ultimately winning something (after the happy shock wears off) just teaches you to work harder and better for the chance to do it all again. I have to keep writing. It is only the finished product that might get made into a book and if I don't write there will be no finished product. So back to reality. And don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of my reality. And after all writing good things to make happy readers is wot I luv.

Although I do wonder, apart from the wonderful feelings on the night and the lovely prizes (see post below) I'm still not entirely sure what winning the Children's Choice Award will mean. Whether it will have any impact short or long term on other aspects of my writing career. One thing is certain - there is no better reward than getting the big tick from your readers. So its back to the writing in search of more big ticks - yowza

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Welshcake said...

Congratulations on the award, it's brilliant news.

I'm sure it will have some kind of impact. Shouldn't this kind of success make it easier to get future projects taken up? One would hope so!