Thursday, May 7, 2009

Because there will never be a time when we know everything about our craft...

Hey go check out this superb site called Casting the Bones, which has all sorts of excellent advice and tips on writing. It is on my side bar list as well anytime you fancy popping over for some good writing direction. Thanks to this blog for the link.

Oh and I'm off to the West Coast on Monday for NZ Post author tour. My schedule has changed a little so first up on Tuesday I am giving a workshop. I'm also booked in to give a workshop at a school visit here in Auckland in June. We'll be focusing, I think, on writing scary stories. I'm feeling very inspired. I met a seriously unpleasant person today and if you cross me for no good reason you're likely to end up in one of my stories. I can't wait.

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Fifi Colston said...

haha- horrid people are excellent fodder aren't they? The girl who bullied me in standard 3 is immortalised in Janie Olive, and my new one (in the same town) Glory. I feel quite fond of her now- now that I have made up stories about why she was so mean- but I did see her the other day, (40 years on) in a cafe and I slunk past- still afraid of the goliath who terrorised me. Are you planning to kill this unpleasant person? (in a purely literary way)