Sunday, February 5, 2012

The undecidedness of it all...

Yayayyayayayayayay - tarantara - 500th Post. I'm thinking I may have to run some kind of competition in honour of this auspicious milestone. Look out for details soon!!

There should be a rule or something that the next season can't turn up until the previous one has been and done its thing. Summer, you have been a bitter disappointment. And all those ads and catalogues for Autumn just rub it in that I haven't really had any value out of the summer clothing I bought. Pah! A decent Summer is the only thing that makes Winter bearable. I am VERY annoyed.

A multi-talented friend who read my latest novel suggested I should write an adult thriller. I must admit I'm developing a taste for reading them. I would like to write a darker story but I am still keen to write more for the YA audience. Would it have to be for adults if it got darker? Was interesting to see recent news that actor Daniel Radcliffe was drunk at times during filming for Harry Potter - based on earlier reports I suspect it was during HP and the Half Blood Prince. He says he got off the booze and cleaned up his act for the final movies. Another minor HP regular was dropped from the final movies due to a weed habit. I think that one might have been involved in the recent riots in Britain as well. What's interesting to me is that these things aren't reflected in the HP stories or in many others. Harry has a very chaste kiss or two in the last four books/movies. He gets a little jolly occasionally on Butter Beer and the 'liquid luck' made him very laid back but on the whole he's almost a monk.  Is he a real teenager? The only thing that really gets explored is violence. I loved the HP books and movies. There is a lot to enjoy in them. But these teenagers aren't living the life of your average teenager. Where are the pimples, and the experimentation with sex and substances? Where are the arguments, the raging hormones, the flip-flopping of tastes, opinions and emotions. The undecidedness of it all.  I don't think teenagers are quite as bad as the ones portrayed in the UK series of Skins (and more recently Misfits) where it is nothing but sex, drugs, violence and alcohol. I know the HP series began as children's books and it would have been inappropriate to dash too far ahead of this readership even though Harry was growing up as the books progressed. One of the perils of long series I guess. But if I write for teenagers I want to keep it real. Their lives are messy. Do I want to pretend otherwise? I remember wanting to read the kinds of books I'm now thinking about writing when I was a teen.  I wanted to know about the messiness of growing up. I want to write about it now. Or am I just afraid of writing a book for adults.


Old Kitty said...

Congrats on your 500th post!!! Hooorah!

I think a darker YA will be just wonderful - maybe you could start it and then who knows - it may just graduate into the adult market? Just the panster in me talking! Sometimes I'm writing something fluffy and fun only for murder to occur later within the story - completely unintentionally - next thing I know there's a serial killer on the loose...!

I'm so liking young Daniel more and more! So far he's not only confessing to naughtiness but aiming to do roles that call for complexity - I totally loved him in My Boy Jack and can't wait to see him all haunted and tormented in the Woman in Black!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Yes I second that 'Congratulations' on 500 posts Melinda!

As to the YA, what more perfect situation could you be in to write for them, with teenagers of your own around? Might be a way of exorcising some of the minor annoyances that go along with that condition....

And I liked the way you put it, that you want to write the sort of books you'd wished you could have read yourself. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

On Joy Cowley's writing course she said we have to do the things we're afraid of. Don't know if that helps....Good luck girl.
Yvette Carol