Sunday, May 1, 2011

the honeymoon phase of writing The End...

I wrote around 2,000 words yesterday (bit of a record for me over the writing of this novel), two of which were The End. Did some tinkering today and the ms ended up just over 45,000 words in total. I know it still needs a bit more editing but I think it is in near-final draft shape. I have just submitted it to the publisher and once I have had a breather (and done the company GST and filed it and completed my first university assignment and sent it in) I will go back over the ms and rub off the rough edges. It is hard to believe I have reached the end. On the weekend I felt like this about the novel so I'm proud I pulled myself together and got it done. Putting the cart before the horse (completing the story after the contract has been signed) has been a new experience for me and I have to say its a little tricky to drive with things coupled in this manner. More sweating is involved when you have been paid/signed up for something you have not yet written. I guess I find it easier the other way around but I would never say never to doing things this way again. Hopefully having been through the experience once I will be better prepared if there is a next time.

As is often the way at times like these (the honeymoon phase of writing The End) I'm momentarily feeling rather sanguine about everything to do with my writing career. I realise that a writing career is a very stressful thing. There is so little that can be controlled and we are at the mercy of so many variables, not all of which are just or reasonable. Success can be an elusive and sometimes mythical seeming beastie. Today however I can understand Nathan Bransford's post on fate and be weirdly happy along with all the commenters. I cannot say that I will ever love that this is how the writing world is, but it is my world and I am a card carrying member and today I can truly say I will happily accept it, warts and all.

Here for your delectation is a link on the reality of self promotion for authors. We may not like it but it too is just 'how our world works'.

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Old Kitty said...

Congrats with finishing your novel! I wish you all the best with this - good luck! The writing world is one big scary place but you've got your foot in it and so just wrap yourself up with confidence and lots of support from all of us and just go for it!!! Yay! take care