Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Observations on Me by Me...

Unity Books (on facebook) linked to this interesting article in the Guardian - a piece written by an author about how success affects you. I liked this bit - "The thing is that nobody becomes a writer because of his or her tremendous ease with social interactions and the spontaneity of the spoken word." (ain't that the truth) and the bit about consistency of style: how we work hard to figure out how to be consistent and then once we are, have to figure out how to change.

Whether we are successful or not, time changes us. I am no longer the wide-eyed rube that I was in 2000, toiling away in free-wheeling isolation. Whether my writing is better or worse for the influence of my experiences over the last eleven years, there is no denying it is different. I think though that you can still clearly see ME in my writing from either end of that time period.

And as my brain is fried by finishing my current WIP (now at 40,913 words - having started with a goal of 40,000) here are some observations on ME by ME
1.Straight down rain makes me think of Beatrix Potter - I expect to see Peter Rabbit in his blue coat running across the front lawn any minute
2. I am craving rare steak but don't blame the vampires or were-wolves.
3. I've been researching what dates Easter fell on in 1943 and all about cotton seed oil and the (potentially fatal) by-product left behind by pressing the seeds
4. Wishing the instant departure of my e-mails was matched by an instant reply
5. I'm thinking of changing my favourite colour
6. Would like to question the birth certificates of all those people questioning Obama's - see how they like it to be perpetually doubted with no chance of 100% proof
7. Would like to write a novel based in Ancient Egypt
8. I am afraid of....ha ha like I'm ever going to tell you that
9. My favourite numbers are 3 and 7
10. I'm not keen to meet my writing heroes because I would be speechless in their presence

So there :)

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