Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feelin' a mite blog-lazy

Feeling blog-lazy today as we have just returned from a family sojourn out of town and there are several loads of post-holiday washing to tackle and I am still banging away at the WIP. I managed 3000 words over two days while away but am struggling to maintain that kind of effort now I'm back amongst all the usual distractions (like several piles of post-holiday washing). The deadline is now approaching like a runaway freight train (unfortunately not the one with Chris Pine on board). The SO has taken the rugrats off to buy school shoes (once he has secured a second mortgage to enable purchase of outrageously expensive and bleeding uncomfortable everyday foot-torture, sorry, I mean footwear) so I have no excuses. Therefore I leave you with two links to distract you from your own writing efforts - Editorial Anonymous's (welcome back EA, you were missed) smart responses on the perennial questions regarding how illustrations happen for picture books here. And, as always, another perceptive view on the craziness we know as the writing business from one of my personal favourites, Nicola Morgan over at her blog Help! I Need a Publisher, titled How Likely Are You to be Published. Happy Nu Year folks. Hope you've had a good start to 2011 and that this year does you proud.

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Old Kitty said...

Happy New Year to you and yours too!!!

I hope the chaos of your post holiday homecomings will soon settle and you'll be on your way to meet your deadline! Good luck! take care