Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a little quickie...

I am totally doing this e-book thing in the next few months with at least one of my books. I will add more to this post later but just wanted to make sure I didn't lose this juicy link - check out one woman's decision to self publish in electronic formats... thank you to the Rejectionist for putting this out there.

(Added) Here is the book she talks about - it sounds and looks great! It is hard to believe the publishers said no. It is a hard fact of the business that they did. It is a hard reminder that a publisher saying no does not mean you have not written a good book. Publishing is a business, but reading isn't. I do not write to make money (there are much easier ways) - I write for readers like myself. Maybe e-publishing will help my writing connect with interested readers. I will keep you posted.

(Added 2) - and because this might be useful here is another lovely link from the fabulous Graham Beattie about the best font's to use for books. This is one of the many things writers usually don't have to consider if published via the conventional method. So far I've sorted myself a very nice cover for my book and now have some info on what font might be most suitable (although i have not yet confirmed that any particular font needs to be requested/applied for e-books). I have to make sure my e-book is available in as many formats as possible (?) and that distribution is good. Last but by no means least I want the manuscript edited before it hits the internet. This book, like any other that bears my name, will contribute to my writing reputation and I want it to be as good as it can be.

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Fifi Colston said...

thats a really great read- I keep getting people asking about craft books- specifically ones by me bec ause they like what i do on the telly and I know NZ publishers just aren't interested.It would be relatively cheap for me to do this in e-book format and see how it flies.
Can't wait to see the progress on yours!