Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've cracked twenty....

Yay - I have 20 followers. I have been watching that 19 for weeks, with 20 being the Holy Grail and now that I am there I have decided to run a competition. I will send a copy of my books The Were-Nana and Jack the Viking (anywhere in the world) to the person who correctly states the title and author of the two books with the characters Ponyboy and Phronsie in them. If no one gets these correct I will pick my favourite response (best wild guesses??) and of course if no one participates then I will go to bed for a week and sulk. Don't put your address in your entry, I will contact the winner to sort out logistics (so you do have to identify yourself at least).

Tonight I am giving a talk on how I got started as a writer, what it was like to win Children's Choice and tips for surviving in this industry and I will post up my talk in a few days. See you then...

I cunningly managed to do something I didn't want to do :) and delete a comment. Here is the first entry in the competition, from Welshcake (sorry Welshcake):-

I have to enter this!

Ponyboy is from The Outsiders by SE Hinton.

Phronsie. Well, Google is my friend here. The Five Little Pepper series (by Margaret Sidney) is where Phronsie belongs, it tells me? Am I disqualified for cheating?


Welshcake said...
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Old Kitty said...

Oh darn!! Welshcake got there first!!!

Ponyboy is SOOOOOOOOOOO from my favourite absolutly all time favourite book ever!!! The Oustiders by SE Hinton.

Errr. Phronsie.. no idea and I shall resist cheating and googling it! Heheheh!

Yay!! 20 followers!! Well done you!

Good luck with your talk!
Take care

Imogen said...

Phronsie is familiar - one of the children in a v sweet series of Victorian novels? Called "Five Little Peppers", I think...
Ponyboy leaves me blank, but he sounds as though he ought to be a friend of "Quarter Horse Boy". Now that takes me back! Growing up in green wet Britain I remember reading about sheep ranchers in Australia, and quarter horses, and brumbies and thinking it all magically exotic and exciting... Can't remember the author's name for the life of me, sadly, but she wrote several books about a ranch owned by a guy called Nakimer, and one about her dog (which made me cry)... Hey, you're Australian! - can you enlighten me? Who am I thinking of?

Chris said...

Congrats, well done! That name Phronsie brought back lots of memories. I loved that series, hadn't thought of them for years.
Onwards now to 30, yeah?