Thursday, June 24, 2010


I finished my assignment at long last and truly discovered what a burden it had become once it was finally lifted off my shoulders. My next assignment is due July 15th and the study guide for this one is twice as fat as the previous one. At the moment I don't feel particularly depressed about this. Perhaps it is my application of my variation of Einstein's theory of relativity. Time is relative and if I wait long enough, it WILL pass and I will get through and come out the other side. My SO is now back at work after his knee surgery and I survived all the driving, fetching, carrying and cleaning. I have the house to myself and hopefully at least a week to enjoy it before the school holidays begin and it is all about the children. I'm looking forward to getting back to my writing. It has been parked for a couple of weeks now while I've worked on my studies and I've missed it.

This weekend I am part of an authors and illustrators group meeting with some university students from the US. I'm not sure what we will be talking about but I'm looking forward to it. An afternoon of talking about writing and books can NEVER be a bad thing. I'm going to make a cake to take along. Chocolate I think. And now that I have a new oven (you wouldn't believe how sexy it is, I may have to post a picture) and the freezer is working again now that six years worth of ice has been chipped off its supposedly 'frost free' inner workings, the cake baking will be a breeze.

My middle child was a participant in her school's Stage Challenge performance on the Wednesday night (three evenings of competition, first second and third place getters selected for each evening along with awards for lighting, stage design, costume, music etc....). They won first place and I was an extremely proud Mum. She had a lead role and did a fantastic job. Thats her in the picture top right. And I may have some good news to report shortly...we shall see.

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Old Kitty said...

Congratulations Middle Child!! :-)

Glad your hubby is back up and driving!

And good luck with your assignments - Einstein's theory notwithstanding! LOL!

Can't wait for the exciting news!!!! :-)

Take care